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Woo! I love being an emotional hurricane, weeping at polar bears and gay marriages alike (Boo global warming! Yay California!). And now this. Crap on a cracker.

I am the Boo Hoo Baby, gimme all your tissues and fancy chocolates and no one gets hurt!

Frustration at work and an “excessive heat watch” aren’t helping much, either. Make that fancy chocolate ice cream, please. With pity sauce.

Oh my budget

My roommate is moving out at the end of the month, and I am determined to give living on my own a whirl for the summer. This place is really too tiny for more than one person (it’s a one bedroom apartment), and it would be nice to not worry about disturbing anyone when I leave for work at 5:30. Or not be disturbed when I try to go to bed ridiculously early because I leave for work at 5:30.

Of course, that means oh no a BUDGET. I have been trimming down my expenses as much as possible (please gas don’t go up too much more), but we’ll see. And now I’ll have to write more so I can justify the money spent on this site. Ho ho hee.

I doubt I’ll be able to wing it for more than a month or so (I have plenty of money saved up just-in-case), but if I can streamline my spending, I think it would be awesome. I won’t be saving as generously as I was before, but it might be worth the peace of mind. Also, I don’t want to have to do roommate searching. I really don’t want to share such a tiny space with another person I do not kiss. Also, people are crazy. I was pretty lucky to find my current roommate, and I am just not eager to comb Berkeley’s finest in the hopes that I’ll strike unlikely gold.

As for future plans, Ilya and I are looking to buy a house together at some point in the hopefully-not-so-very-distant. If all else fails, though, we can get an apartment together. Oh my! We’ll be like GROWNUPS. Living together IN SIN.

Up to date

So, my completely awesome best friend Nat is finally writing his Grand Steampunk Adventure (Doctor Anachronos and the Girl from out of the Sun) we’ve been talking about forever, and as threatened, I am a character. Haw! Nice take on my name, there. I wish I could draw well enough to accurately portray people, because that would be a fun project. That’s what I get for being friends with other writers. We’re all words! All talk and no action! Gas gas gas!

In other news, I have been slacking in my Russian, and I am trying to make myself pick it back up (and work at it a bit harder than I have been). Ilya has been a patient and wonderful distraction teacher, but I’ve been slacking, and I will be good. Pronunciation is still tricky, and my ear and tongue both still have trouble with some of the softer palatalizations. Russian is hard. Boo hoo.

I will probably have to work just as hard at keeping myself on this writing thing. Wah, wah, wah.

Good morning, houseplants

While I think I am anything but finished tweaking this, I should start somewhere, and no time better than now.

I’m never sure what I intend to do with these, but at least I can keep it all in my own backyard. I feel kind of weird spreading myself so thin over the various networking sites and blog groups and what-have-you.

So here it is. THE BRAND NEW ME! HO BOY! Here’s hoping I actually write in it, this time.

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