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maybe I’ll just go hug a mirror

Oh yeah, hey, I have a website. Oops.

Looking at all my friends’ art and watching them pursue their creative dreams makes me all wistful. Which is silly, because there’s certainly nothing stopping me. So maybe I’ll start making things again. I would certainly like it if I did.

I should try to write here, or anywhere, more often. I’ve kind of gone into hibernation since I moved, what with the not-having-a-job-currently and all. I never thought work (despite the drudgery of the old jorb) was so defining for me. I have realized I need something to DO, or I start feeling all kinds of crappy and worthless. Oops.

So here’s to self-made worth. Woot!

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Posted by N@ on 18 November 2008 @ 2pm

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