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I’ve been reading a lot of food-related blogs and websites, lately, and bookmarking recipes willy-nilly, perhaps in the hope that I’ll actually start cooking someday. Oh, I am so adorable when I’m optimistic. I also keep my eye on a baking community, which leads to some rather interesting finds and delicious photographs.

More than a few of the posters will conclude their posts with “the recipe can be found on my blog,” with a not-so-shameless self-link. In fits of boredom, or casual interest, sometimes I follow these links. This is not always a good idea. More than once, I have found myself up to the eyeballs in what I can only describe as an ugly food blog.

Now, I am not knocking on the appearance of the site itself. I certainly have no room to talk, there, and heck, we’ve all had our 1997 moments. I am talking about ugly food. Cakes still sitting in the rectangular pan, which is sitting on foil with blobs of escaped dough, and frosting poured on with all the care and appearance of cat sick. Saucepans full of unrecognizable, multi-colored mass. Bad photos, uninspired presentation. Bad, bad, bad.

This would be okay, but it’s a FOOD blog. This person is showing no other aspect of their life than the food they are making, and it looks terrible. Not everyone has a $1000 camera (oh, do I know), sure, but you can put it on a plate, and maybe try to get some light in on the action. You could at least take it off the tray. You could try. Especially before you go throwing links around everywhere.

And I wish I was exaggerating about the cat barf frosting, but I cannot scrape the image of that cake from my mind. So gross. The color, the texture, ALL SO WRONG.


>and frosting poured on with all the care and appearance of cat sick.

Oh wow, I love this line! I share your disgust with ugly food pictures. There are a-plenty of them of them on livejournal. I try not to snark them because, yeah, not everyone has a $1,000 camera but there are certain foods *cough* pureed eggplant *cough* that should never be photographed, even professionally.

Posted by Louisa on 17 June 2008 @ 12am

I am thinking that this blog needs to be shaken about in the sunshine a bit. It needs to be playfully prodded in its sleep and to wake up giggling. Fed cookies and get taken for a walk. Run down a sand dune, breathe in the salt air. But am I right?

Posted by Ryan Mooney on 21 October 2008 @ 2pm

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