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Reasons to love Ilya

I have so many, I’m glad I never have to choose one.

Today we were talking about the Gravenstein Apple Fair. We went last year, and we look eagerly (and hungrily) forward to this year’s. Oh, Gravenstein apples. How delicious and wonderful you are. He forgot when it was last year, and I reminded him that it was in August.

Ilya: “That opens up so many delicious apple-utilizing possibilities, especially given my pledge for a 40-pound box-o’-apples.”
Me: “I am going to save up and buy a whole pie, just for me!”
Ilya: “And I’m getting two billion apple fritters! All for me! And I’m petting a llama!”

The weekend after next, we are heading up to Mendocino for a little mini-vacation I think we both could really use. I know I could, anyway. I’ll take any excuse to spend gobs of time with him, hug him constantly, eat good food, and relax. Not thinking about work is also a bonus. Also, it will be our one year of dating anniversary thingum, so that should be a good time.

A year! Already! How it’s flown. And all I can remember of it is grins and giggles and love. Awesome.

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*cutest post ever* evaaaaaaaaaaar!

Posted by Louisa on 17 June 2008 @ 12am

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