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I need to use this more often if I’m going to justify having it. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some drawing this week. I’d like to get back in the habit. I say that and say that, but this has been a busy semester. SOOOOOOOON.

‘ell I ‘spose

School and life have kept me just busy enough, but either with stuff that’s not exciting enough to mention, or stuff too interesting to sit and type out. So it goes. My last semester before transfer (WOO) starts in about two weeks, and I am pretty excited and nervous about that.

As for 2010, I will just sit and wait and see. 2009 wasn’t too bad, and maybe 2010 won’t be all that different. I am starting to shift my way through the gears these days, so hopefully the high speed excite-o-rama will pick up soon!

Or boring-o-rama. Depends where you’re sitting.

This morning Ilya and I woke up bright and early and drove out to Montara State Beach. Why would we do such a thing? Because he was asked, along with other co-workers, to help participate in a semi-reenactment of the opening scene of Chariots of Fire. It was for a company video, and despite the cold and the rain, it was a lot of fun. We even saw a whale playing around fairly close to shore while we waited.

They did a few takes running up and down the beach, then one of the guys opened up his bag and just started handing out rubber chickens. I asked, and he said he usually keeps them on hand. Everyone else was into the idea, even the guy doing the filming, so they did a few runs with chickens held high. It was pretty great.

The Angry Mob

All in all, a pretty good morning.

rain all day

Oh, rain. Raining rainy rain.

I really like the rain but I was planning to run today.  Free showers are awesome, but I am not yet so in love with running that I will joyously do it in miserable conditions. At least the waterbirds are happy. I’ll probably go for a walk instead, since I can use an umbrella.

This week is my spring break, and there are so many things I’d like to do (clean and organize, write a ton of letters, homework, relax, etc.) that I am starting to freeze up from the overwhelming possibility. No class! I can do whatever I’d like! Whoa! I guess I’ll start with less time spent in front of the monitor, starting… NOW!

well we got no class

Hello, education! Good-bye, money!

After much fuss and a few registration snafus, I am finally back in school. Today was my first day of classes. Hooray! I got into the ones I wanted (barely, in one case), and while they are not the most exciting classes ever, I am glad to be on track. It’s about freaking time.

Oh, how I love being about ten years older than my classmates. Oh, how I love that the entire first day of class is spent lecturing us on how to behave like adults. If showing up for class and not texting during lectures are the difficult concepts, I’ve got it made. I know why the instructors have to do it, and that’s the sad part. “This isn’t 13th grade.”

no cookies for you!

Well, pants. I tried to be proactive and have everything I needed so I wouldn’t have to go to a grocery store the evening before Thanksgiving. Worst thing ever, right? But lo, I don’t have enough butter. My kingdom for a stick of butter! WOE.

Stupid butter.

stupid prop 8

Dear California,


That’s all I have to say to you right now.

maybe I’ll just go hug a mirror

Oh yeah, hey, I have a website. Oops.

Looking at all my friends’ art and watching them pursue their creative dreams makes me all wistful. Which is silly, because there’s certainly nothing stopping me. So maybe I’ll start making things again. I would certainly like it if I did.

I should try to write here, or anywhere, more often. I’ve kind of gone into hibernation since I moved, what with the not-having-a-job-currently and all. I never thought work (despite the drudgery of the old jorb) was so defining for me. I have realized I need something to DO, or I start feeling all kinds of crappy and worthless. Oops.

So here’s to self-made worth. Woot!

ugly food blogs

I’ve been reading a lot of food-related blogs and websites, lately, and bookmarking recipes willy-nilly, perhaps in the hope that I’ll actually start cooking someday. Oh, I am so adorable when I’m optimistic. I also keep my eye on a baking community, which leads to some rather interesting finds and delicious photographs.

More than a few of the posters will conclude their posts with “the recipe can be found on my blog,” with a not-so-shameless self-link. In fits of boredom, or casual interest, sometimes I follow these links. This is not always a good idea. More than once, I have found myself up to the eyeballs in what I can only describe as an ugly food blog.

Now, I am not knocking on the appearance of the site itself. I certainly have no room to talk, there, and heck, we’ve all had our 1997 moments. I am talking about ugly food. Cakes still sitting in the rectangular pan, which is sitting on foil with blobs of escaped dough, and frosting poured on with all the care and appearance of cat sick. Saucepans full of unrecognizable, multi-colored mass. Bad photos, uninspired presentation. Bad, bad, bad.

This would be okay, but it’s a FOOD blog. This person is showing no other aspect of their life than the food they are making, and it looks terrible. Not everyone has a $1000 camera (oh, do I know), sure, but you can put it on a plate, and maybe try to get some light in on the action. You could at least take it off the tray. You could try. Especially before you go throwing links around everywhere.

And I wish I was exaggerating about the cat barf frosting, but I cannot scrape the image of that cake from my mind. So gross. The color, the texture, ALL SO WRONG.

Reasons to love Ilya

I have so many, I’m glad I never have to choose one.

Today we were talking about the Gravenstein Apple Fair. We went last year, and we look eagerly (and hungrily) forward to this year’s. Oh, Gravenstein apples. How delicious and wonderful you are. He forgot when it was last year, and I reminded him that it was in August.

Ilya: “That opens up so many delicious apple-utilizing possibilities, especially given my pledge for a 40-pound box-o’-apples.”
Me: “I am going to save up and buy a whole pie, just for me!”
Ilya: “And I’m getting two billion apple fritters! All for me! And I’m petting a llama!”

The weekend after next, we are heading up to Mendocino for a little mini-vacation I think we both could really use. I know I could, anyway. I’ll take any excuse to spend gobs of time with him, hug him constantly, eat good food, and relax. Not thinking about work is also a bonus. Also, it will be our one year of dating anniversary thingum, so that should be a good time.

A year! Already! How it’s flown. And all I can remember of it is grins and giggles and love. Awesome.

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